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Have you ever been heart broken by your boyfriend or girlfriend? 

Then this article about 33 Surprising Ways on How to Deal with a Broken Heart will help you build your emotional love positively.

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Have you ever imagine dating a man that you’ve been chasing all along? Well, I bet the answer is Yes and No.

In this blog post you’ll learn how to capture his heart and make him love you forever.

In relationship, there are many factors to consider before you solidify your love with your ex or boyfriend/girlfriend. Read more here.

Looking for ladies to share something unusual that caused them to break up with the guy they were dating.

deal breaker

Can the Below ideas make you break with your partner REALLY?

If you’ve no job or career incentive (aka the I’m in school/modeling/marketing types who seem to go nowhere)

  • That you chews with mouth open
  • That you mousey voiced
  • That you use religion as an excuse for their life failures
  • You’r overweight (if 10 minutes of exercise gets them out of breath then they need to loose a little weight)

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